Emma Raducanu aims 'clean state' after challenging 2022 season


Emma Raducanu suggests she is looking forward to the end of US Open as then she feels she will be able to "start again."  At last year's US Open, Raducanu made all the headlines when she became the first qualifier in tennis history.  Raducanu, 19, hasn't won any titles since as she has been struggling with her game and injuries this season.  Raducanu admits the 2022 season - her first full season on the WTA Tour - has been very challenging, but adds she has learned many valuable lessons this year.  "To have success at a young age, obviously you have to be really grateful because I'm doing what I love, but also I've reached success way earlier than I ever really would have thought I did," Raducanu said, per the WTA website. "So I'm pretty proud of myself in that way. But it has been a tough year. I've definitely gone through and experienced a lot of challenges. To be fair, I've learned a lot from all of it. I think it's going to be nice once the US Open is finished and [I can] carry on from there. Start again. I think it will be nice to take all of the lessons from the last year and just [have] a clean slate."  Raducanu not concerned about potentially dropping in the rankings By winning three qualifying matches and then the US Open title, Raducanu earned 2,040 from last year's US Open.  Raducanu is currently the 10th player in the world with 2,772 points under her belt.  Raducanu has a huge number of points to defend a the US Open and she could experience a big rankings drop if she loses early at Flushing Meadows.    "Okay, it's not going to be pretty necessarily or easy, but I'm like 100% okay for starting over, to be honest. Like if my ranking plummets to like 1000 or whatever, then I don't care," Raducanu said.