'Novak Djokovic did not have the answer', says top coach

Former World No. 1 Andy Roddick says he and Novak Djokovic squashed their feud long ago and now have a fair relationship. At the 2008 US Open, Djokovic defeated Tommy Robredo in five sets to reach the quarterfinals. During the match, Djokovic complained of various physical problems, but still managed to win. During a press conference, Roddick - Djokovic's rival in the quarterfinals - asked a reporter if Djokovic had "back and hip injuries, cramps, avian flu, common cold and also SARS." A day later, Djokovic defeated Roddick in four sets to advance to the US Open semifinal. In his on-court interview, Djokovic hit back at Roddick. "I'm very happy to play Roddick on his court and in his city in his favorite tournament, so to win against him is a big effort. I have nothing against anyone. Andy was saying that I have 16 injuries in the last match, so obviously I don't, right?" Djokovic said. "How bad was his feud with Novak in the late 2000s? I read about a fight almost in the locker room," a fan asked Roddick on Twitter. Roddick responded: "Things like that happen a lot in locker rooms in the heat of the moment. It wouldn't have come to blows. They never do. There were heated words. In fact, we talked about it that very night and we've been good ever since. We always greet each other nicely when we see each other. All good." Roddick is still active and has been working for a few years as an analyst for Tennis Channel. Speaking of the US Open, there is a possibility that Djokovic will miss the tournament. Marian Vajda opens up on Djokovic During a recent interview with Tennis Majors, Marian Vajda spoke about his relationship with Novak Djokovic and also elaborated on the Serb's chances of winning the 2022 grass Major. "I always support him [Novak Djokovic] and I want him to win Wimbledon," Vajda said. "I just saw a little bit of his first round match because we had practice at a similar time. Overall, he is fine, this is the best surface for him. I think he has a good draw. Maybe his performance in the first round was not that great, but he improves his tennis as matches go by." Going into his 2022 French Open quarterfinal match against Rafael Nadal, Djokovic was the favorite to win. "I thought that he would do well in Paris, the game was there, but that match against Rafa was tough. Rafa displayed his best tennis, and Novak did not have the answer. Maybe he was a bit surprised at the beginning, when he lost important and long games," said Vajda.

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