Novak Djokovic makes one thing clear regarding possibility of missing US Open

20-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic says he would never try to pull off some "sneaky stuff" as he is preparing for the possibility of missing out on the US Open.  Djokovic, 35, remains unvaccinated against COVID-19 and there is a strong chance he won't be allowed to enter the United States for the US Open.  Recently, the United States authorities relaxed COVID-19 measures but still individuals who haven't been vaccinated are not allowed to enter the country.  Djokovic says if the rule says he can't enter the United States, he will not try to force his way into the country. “No unvaccinated people can enter the USA as of this moment,” Djokovic told Tennis Majors. “I did hear unofficially that some people got away with it, some people who are not ‘famous’, but I would never even try to go to the USA if it is not allowed. Some people think that I made that mistake in Australia, but it was the contrary in fact – I had the exemption etc, let’s not go over the same story again. Bottom line is: if I am told that I cannot go, I won’t go, I would never put myself in such a position. Even if I get in, they would see me on TV playing tennis and pick me up!" Djokovic in danger of missing his second Grand Slam in 2022 At the start of the season, Djokovic flew to Australia after he was granted a medical exemption for the Australian Open.  Upon landing in Melbourne, Djokovic was met by the Australian Border Force, who interrogated him and revoked his visa.  After 10 long days, Djokovic lost his Australia visa appeal and was deported from the country.  Now, Djokovic is in danger of missing out on his second Grand Slam tournament of the year.  Djokovic was allowed to compete at the French Open and now he is playing Wimbledon.  At the US Open, Djokovic is a three-time champion.