Patrick McEnroe on Rafael Nadal's Wimbledon participation: He owes it to the game

Patrick McEnroe feels Rafael Nadal owes it to the game to go to The All England Club and compete at Wimbledon as he simply can't waste an opportunity to make tennis history.  Nadal, 36, has won the opening two Grand Slams of the season and he is now a Wimbledon and US Open away from capturing a Calendar Grand Slam.  No player has won all four Grand Slams since Rod Laver, who achieved the stunning feat in 1969.  "Rafael Nadal has said that he will play at Wimbledon, he's won the first two Majors of the year. So he better play, he's got to get over there and play, he owes it to the game, he owes it to the tour, he owes it to Wimbledon to go over there and give it a shot," McEnroe said on Holding Court with Patrick McEnroe, per Sportskeeda.  McEnroe: Nadal knows the situation he is in During the French Open, it was reported by Spanish media that Nadal would miss Wimbledon.  Nadal's PR manager Benito Barbadillo Perez denied those reports and said no way Nadal would so easily miss out on a chance to make tennis history.  "In previous years, Rafael Nadal would have probably pulled the plug but he understands the situation that he is in, he understands the responsibility to the game," McEnroe said. After the French Open, Nadal returned to Spain for a foot treatment.  His foot responded well and now he is ready to compete at Wimbledon.  Reflecting on those who are accusing Nadal of taking a prohibited substance, McEnroe made it clear he is certain that the Spaniard is a clean athlete.  "He says he's taking pain killers and I got to believe him. If you're telling me he's taking something else, well, then prove it. If you do prove it, well, then Lance Armstrong, he never proved it. He claimed that he took a bunch of tests as well. I don't expect that to happen with Mr. Rafael Nadal because I don't expect that he's done anything like that at all," McEnroe said.