Prize money at ATP events is 75 percent higher than WTA events in 2022: Financial Times

The Financial Times has reported that the men’s ATP Tour has provided players 75 percent more prize money in tournaments in 2022 (excluding the four equal-paying Grand Slams) than the women’s WTA Tour for its players, highlighting an increased pay differential between the two tours. While the issue of equal prize money at the four Grand Slams, the crown jewels of the sport, has been resolved, women continue to earn far lesser than men when it comes to non-Grand Slam tournaments, and the current gap is the widest in over two decades. Combining all tennis tournaments except the Grand Slam events, the total prize money awarded on the men’s tour so far this year is 75% higher than on the women’s, the widest the gap has been since 2001— Financial Times (@FinancialTimes) June 23, 2022 This is not the first time that there has been some noise around prize money between the two tours in recent months. Tennis journalists and fans have been talking about the difference in prize money at ATP/ WTA events over for the last few months now. Tennis journalist Ben Rothenberg pointed out that last week’s ATP 500 event in Halle, Germany rewarded its champion with more than €399,000 while the winner of the WTA 500 event in Berlin, Germany got less than €94,000. The numbers in Kostyuk’s tweet were slightly off (not her fault; app was showing 2021 WTA $), but she’s right that the gap between prize money at ATP and WTA is growing considerably.Here’s the money for the two 500 events in Germany this week, ATP 500 Halle and WTA 500 Berlin:— Ben Rothenberg (@BenRothenberg) June 16, 2022 That has been a common thread in several other combined events this year, including the ongoing Eastbourne Championships, and the Madrid Open and the Italian Open which are combined ATP Masters Series events and WTA 1000 series events. Eastbourne, which is a WTA 500 but only a ATP 250, is a stark example of widening money gap between the tours in recent years.Total financial commitment at Eastbourne, as posted on drawsheets:2019WTA – $998,712ATP – $745,8802022WTA – $757,900ATP ~$800,423 (€760,750)— Ben Rothenberg (@BenRothenberg) June 20, 2022 Last week's Madrid Open is a former WTA Premier Mandatory and therefore a "real" WTA 1000. The prize-money was exactly the same for men & women.— Gaspar Ribeiro Lança (@gasparlanca) May 10, 2022 You might also like this February 22, 2007: The day Wimbledon finally announced it would award equal prize money tennis majors March 16, 2007: The day Roland-Garros finally offered equal prize money tennis majors Karolina Pliskova calls out “Super Weak” men for complaining about equal prize money tennis majors “Maybe that’s something we can think about” – Mauresmo on best-of-five sets women’s final tennis majors The post Prize money at ATP events is 75 percent higher than WTA events in 2022: Financial Times appeared first on Tennis Majors.