Daria Kasatkina helps a fan who has come out, with beautiful words

Daria Kasatkina came out in 2022, sharing with her fans her relationship with the beautiful Russian skater Natalia Zabiiako. Coming out is an issue that often proves difficult for some people, especially athletes, who are always in the spotlight. We told you about it a little while ago, in the interview with the Argentine tennis player Nadia Podoroska. Now, Daria Kasatkina has supported a young fan of hers, who told how her mother had a less than positive reaction to her coming out. A user on X published a post in which the mother had a sad reaction (to use it mildly) at her coming out: "That was very unexpected, but i Came Out to my mom, her reaction was so sad for me but Yeah life." Kasatkina replied: "Everything will be fine. Have fun being yourself." The user then thanked the Russian for her support: "Thank you so much Dasha. All this support gives me faith that everything will be fine."

Darua Kasatkina's personal point of view on tennis

Daria Kasatkina and Natalia Zabiiako also opened a joint YouTube channel called Zabiiako & Kasatkina, where they share their tournament experiences with vlogs. Kasatkina, several weeks ago, shocked everyone with her point of view on tennis: "I wish I knew how to forget tennis, it's everywhere, it keeps spinning in my head." The 26-year-old Russian tennis player, who has always spoken out against the war in Ukraine, has a great passion for sport and above all for tennis, but on some occasions she feels like detaching herself: "Sometimes it makes me nauseous to think so much about tennis, it is also impossible to disconnect here. There's the US Open everywhere!"